New Fight 2B Fit Homepage Launches!

We are thrilled to have worked with Fight 2B Fit to help redesign and beautify the homepage of their website, which launched today! Check out the site and the great work that Fight 2B Fit is doing for kids’ fitness around the country!

Fight 2B Fit Homepage



Gyroskope to help kids join the Fit Generation!

Fight 2B Fit

Gyroskope is extremely excited to announce that we will be partnering with Fight 2B Fit, a unique, incentive based fitness and health program for kids that provides them with daily tasks and quizzes that are designed to build healthy habits.

The Fight 2B Fit mission is to promote healthy living through interactive education about exercise, nutrition and sustainability. Fight 2B Fit’s non-discriminatory model encourages all people to improve their life by eating well, exercising their bodies, engaging their minds, and inspiring each other through teamwork.

We can not wait to help kids join the fit generation! More exciting updates are coming soon!