Dropbox Integration Now Available for Video Uploads

Gyroskope now offers Dropbox integration for uploading videos, making adding files to your media manager even easier. Once logged into your Gyroskope Producer account, simply select “Choose from Dropbox” on the upload page, and choose the video file directly from your Dropbox account!



Watch Gyroskope on your Apple TV!

Gyroskope’s iPhone and iPad Apps now support AirPlay streaming directly to your Apple TV!

Enjoy all the videos that you have added to your Gyroskope Collection on the big screen… TV! Delivering a high-quality viewing experience on as many devices as possible is important to us, and this is a great step in ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite music performances, films, educational videos and more from the comfort of your own couch.

From Apple: “AirPlay lets you wirelessly stream what’s on your iOS device to your HDTV and speakers via Apple TV. Or mirror exactly what’s on your display to the big screen. Vacation photos, blockbusters, the latest games — AirPlay and Apple TV put it all on your TV.”
Gyroskope Airplay

Producer Spotlite: Bonnie “Prince” Billy


Who:  Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

What: Indie God

Where:  Louisville, KY

“Prince” Boniface “Bonnie” Billy goes by many names—St. Nick, Lucifer, AKA Joe—but close friends call him by his “nick name”, which is short for “Nicolas Nameham”, which is long for “NiNa”, which is backwards for “aNiN”, which sounds a bit like “anon” which is short for “anonymous”, and he prefers to keep it that way.   Only recently has he come clean against the wall of speculation concerning his mysterious origins.

Bonny’s parents performed intercourse merely once, but it was deeply tantric, lasting so long they conceived and birthed 3 children during the single act.    Bonny was born Siamese twins, conjoined at every part of the body—overlapped perfectly on top of one another so he looked like just one guy.   During puberty, Bonny’s Other began to itch, so he underwent a procedure to be surgically separated from himself, cell by cell.  When doctors attempted to reassemble the extracted Boniface, they wound up with just two frogs, a jaybird, and a monkey holding a banjo.  It was at this point he began to noodle around with music.

The Bonny ‘Prince’ quickly showed skill:  he could reach into an oak tree with his bare hands, pull out its still beating heart and show it to the tree before it dropped dead.  Afterwards he reached into its corpse and pulled out a handful of chili.  It was upon this chili that Le Bonnes supped during his lean years of artistic struggle.

Determined to forge his own scrappy sonic path, Billy invented a brand new musical note out of just a bottle cap, a sack of raisins and a lawnmower engine, all held together with dried duck sauce and twine.

Every night he fell asleep with cookies in his mouth, wet the bed in the shape of Abraham Lincoln, and awoke covered with bruises in the shape of lyrics.  The first time Bonnie tried to sing, nothing came out except thousands of flies.  He nursed these creatures on the milky diligence of his meaty teat and soon their bellies were so round they sang like angels.

His new album is a bit of a departure.  As this was his first project without the backing of the Pips, Our Bonne chose to surrender full control of the recording process to his mustache, Lionel.  When asked about the topic, Dr. Boniface P. Billy will only reply “There are… no words to describe… the things I say.”

So, tragically, it is left to the critics to summarize his work:

“They say the great ones are misunderstood in their time?  Bonny Prince Fucking Billy can’t even tell time.”
KY Daily

“Dr. Prince-Billy’s music demands that the listener climb directly into his own heart and sniff every cranny until finding the one cranny fit to be anointed King Of Crannies and then scrape up that cranny and carry it home in his CrannyBag© (sold separately).”

“He has beehive pubic hair.”
Vanity Fair

“Music so lovely it makes Beauty Itself look like a wart on a turd puked a tumor.”

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New Feature: Premium Producer Account

iMac Hoots Premium Account

Want to sell your videos, keep all of your money, and do it all from the comfort of your own website?  Gyroskope’s new Premium Account is your solution.  The Premium Account allows you to integrate the functionality of Gyroskope into your own website. Make your online video storefront look anyway you like by uploading your custom CSS stylesheets, and Fans will continue coming to the site they are used to visiting to access and purchase your videos.  

iPad Hoots

Oh, did we mention you also get your own custom apps for iOS and Android?! Your video storefront and apps will work together to bring your fans an elegant, branded, ad-free experience.  Just like Gyroskope, you can manage and share your videos from your Dashboard.

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Producer Spotlite: Kris’ Hot Yoga


Who: Kris’ Hot Yoga

What:  Online Yoga Instruction

Where: Waukee, IOWA

Kris, (200 RYT) was a very talented track and cross country athlete in high school and college.  Taking her love of athletics into her career choice, Kris earned a BA in Health and Wellness and went on to work in the health and fitness industry for over twenty years. Kris has been a Wellness Specialist, Group Fitness Instructor, Regional Aerobics Champion runner-up and International Presenter.  In the past ten plus years, Kris has developed a love and passion for yoga and what it can do to transform one both mentally and physically.  Kris wants to ensure that everyone gets the maximum benefit from each class; making every movement intentional and allowing your mind to take over when you think your body cannot continue.  Kris has worked with, and takes great inspiration from acclaimed Yogi Shiva Rae as well as many other world renowned yogis in the areas of hot yoga (Bikram Style), Anusara, Vinyasa, and Hatha yoga.  Kris is presently the owner of Kris’ Hot Yoga.  At Kris’ Hot Yoga we focus on the connection between mind & body through hot yoga.

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In Defense Of The Record Label

Let’s face it:  labels have a bad rap, at least the major labels.  Ok maybe they did get off track and lose sight of the core values that fueled the golden age of the business, e.g. “artist development” or “caring about the music.”

Hey, everybody makes mistakes.  Business is an endless parade of iteration.  Any human institution is prone to devolution.  But as the smoke clears and we turn the corner into the third age of the entertainment industry, it will become evident – as it was in the beginning – that the labels serve a critical function in the music industry ecosystem.

Without labels you have… MySpace.  Without labels we drown in an endless sea of noise, fueled by every garage band who made their record on, well, GarageBand.  Don’t get me wrong.  You can make a great record on GarageBand.  If you write great songs.  And you know how to play or put sounds together.  And you know how to mix.  And you have a good microphone.  And you can edit yourself.  And I’m just getting started.

There are a ton of “ifs” to making a great self-produced record, and the vast majority of bands out there have not developed the skills, the savvy, or the detached professional self-examination necessary to make a great record without benefit of seasoned, professional guidance.

Enter, the record label.  Or at least, the label of yore.  The archetypical label would find you like a great detective, pull you out of your bar gig, give you a paycheck to do your dream job, hook you up with a mentor producer to hone your craft and release to the world the best possible version of you that could be.

You would lean on their years of experience in the trenches, learning the ropes, building the relationships that would get you on the radio or that opening spot on the tour that would break you out.  You would gladly siphon their relationships and let them take the risk (and the fall), and you would gladly cash their checks.

Without them you were just another dreamer hanging on to the hope that “one day” you would “get signed” and your troubles would be over.

“Getting signed” used to be a little more like a lottery ticket than it is today.  Smart bands today don’t want to get signed, they want to do it themselves and keep all their money.  Smart bands today can do that, because the distribution pipes have opened up, and labels don’t promote anymore anyway, at least like they used to.

So who’s fault is it that the business got off track; is it the fault of the labels, who got puffed up full of hubris, or complacent with their success, or distracted by concerns over profits; is it the fault of the fans, who looted the labels’ profits after the digital revolution, storming the Bastille and screaming “off with their heads;” is it the fault of the artists, who cared more about making “it” than making “music,” and failed to dig in deep on their craft until it was undeniably great…?

The industry had become a dysfunctional hot mess.  Of course this is going to blow up and reset itself.

We think we are well into the re-build, and we like where it’s headed.  The only sustainable solution is one where everybody wins:  artist – label – publisher – distributor – fan, and Gyroskope hopes to play a part in engineering the solution for the new planet.

Gyroskope Press: Huffington Post

The Huffington Post’s Mike Ragogna sat down to talk with Gyroskope founder, Todd Smith, about all things Gyroskope. While they covered a wide range of topics, the interview started off by Smith telling the story of Gyroskope’s origin. Let’s ‘listen in,’ shall we?

Mike Ragogna: Todd, what is the origin of Gyroskope?

Todd Smith: My background is in the music business, first as an artist, then as a producer and indie label owner, so I basically lived through the transition, from the time when people paid for music to the time when music became free. I’m not down on free; free is great, but eventually, you hit a wall. If nobody ever replenishes the stream, eventually it will dry up. Artists and producers need to make money in order to do what they do, which is bring us music and art and stuff that makes the world a better place. So Gyroskope is a possible solution to the problem of what is the best way for independent content producers to monetize their work, given that the paradigm for digital content consumption has shifted from paid to free?

I think there is a feeling among music fans that, it’s okay to share these files because the artist isn’t going to see any of the money anyway. And you know what, they’re right. I think fans want to support the artists they love, and Gyroskope is built to facilitate that direct transactional relationship. I think there is a feeling among artists that, if I work my ass off and get a hit, why should the guy who owns the pipeline get most of the money? And you know what, they’re right too, and Gyroskope is built for that as well. Gyroskope gets the same small monthly fee no matter how much you sell.

MR: There has been a lot of emphasis in the initial phase on music, but how can others monetize their assets using Gyroskope?

TS: Gyroskope is for anybody that needs to sell a video. It might be a music video or your feature film, but it might also be a school play for a fundraiser. It might be a keynote speech at a conference or graduation. It might be a lecture or a virtual tour of an historic landmark. No matter what it is, we want to be the YouTube for independent content producers that need to not only distribute, but also sell their work.

MR: How do you compete with a YouTube that’s free or a Netflix that has an established value for their billing? In other words, why would someone use Gryoskope over other platforms?

TS: Content producers can’t sell their videos through YouTube, so in that sense, YouTube isn’t a competitor. Netflix is more of an aggregator or a middle-man, meaning it’s not really a platform that allows producers to have a direct transactional relationship with their audience. There are some other options, such as Amazon CreateSpace, which can take over half of the sale. In addition, we worked hard to create a high-end user experience for producer and fan. It’s more of a premium environment without ads. For all these reasons, we humbly believe that Gyroskope is the best option.

Read the full interview here!