Digital content producers have plenty of options to distribute their work for free on the web. But there are few good options when it comes to monetizing content. Gyroskope gives producers a solid platform to sell directly to fans, in a premium, ad-free environment.

No ads: We believe that consumers value a premium experience. By allowing fans to directly support their favorite producers, Gyroskope creates a self-sustaining environment that eliminates the need for advertising.

No gatekeepers: You worked hard on your production, and you don’t need someone else to decide whether it’s good enough to sell. By allowing a direct relationship between producers and fans, Gyroskope eliminates the gatekeeper.

No middle men: When you sell through a middle man, he keeps a lot of your money. With Gyroskope, producers pay a flat monthly fee to use the platform, and keep 100% of their sales revenue.


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