Producer Spotlite: Kris’ Hot Yoga


Who: Kris’ Hot Yoga

What:  Online Yoga Instruction

Where: Waukee, IOWA

Kris, (200 RYT) was a very talented track and cross country athlete in high school and college.  Taking her love of athletics into her career choice, Kris earned a BA in Health and Wellness and went on to work in the health and fitness industry for over twenty years. Kris has been a Wellness Specialist, Group Fitness Instructor, Regional Aerobics Champion runner-up and International Presenter.  In the past ten plus years, Kris has developed a love and passion for yoga and what it can do to transform one both mentally and physically.  Kris wants to ensure that everyone gets the maximum benefit from each class; making every movement intentional and allowing your mind to take over when you think your body cannot continue.  Kris has worked with, and takes great inspiration from acclaimed Yogi Shiva Rae as well as many other world renowned yogis in the areas of hot yoga (Bikram Style), Anusara, Vinyasa, and Hatha yoga.  Kris is presently the owner of Kris’ Hot Yoga.  At Kris’ Hot Yoga we focus on the connection between mind & body through hot yoga.

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