New Feature: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

We at Gyroskope are happy to announce our new Affiliate Marketing Program feature, available to all Producers and Fans on the site. This feature allows Producers to share revenue with Affiliate Marketers (Fans) who post their videos around the internet via blogs, social media, etc. This is a win-win for Producers and Fans. Affiliate Marketing is included in all Producer Plans, as well as all free Fan accounts.

I’m a Producer on Gyroskope selling my videos. How does Affiliate Marketing help me? 

If you are a Producer on, then you already know the power of social media and sharing on the internet. With 1.06 BILLION active users on Facebook, and another Billion active Twitter users, that’s a lot of eyeballs looking at content online, and for you? A TON of potential sales. Gyroskope’s Affiliate Marketing Program allows fans of your video creations to help you sell by posting links to your work all over the internet! You can decide what percentage to split with the Affiliate Marketers, and you only pay that percentage on the sales generated by those Affiliate Marketers. It is truly a win-win!

Sign-Up and let Gyroskope’s Affiliate Marketing Program start working for you!

I’m a Fan on Gyroskope. What about me? What is this all about? 

With your free Gyroskope Fan account, you have the unique opportunity to MAKE money by posting links to the Gyroskope videos you love. You are probably saying, “Wait, I do that anyways!” Exactly. So why not make money while posting these links to Facebook, or Twitter, or your goofy-kitten-blog (which we read, and thoroughly enjoy, btw)? To Sign-up to be a Gyroskope Affiliate Marketer: (1) Log In, (2) Click the Account button at the top of the screen, (3) Check the “I would like to join Gyroskope’s Affiliate Marketing Program” box, (4) Enter your PayPall email address, and you’re done! You will notice a new ‘Affiliate’ tab where you can check out all the Producers participating, what percentage they are offering, and the link to start sharing anywhere and everywhere you can think of!

Sign-Up for your Free Fan Account and start making money today!