Producer Spotlite: Keith McGill


Who:  Keith McGill

What:  Stand Up Comedian

Where:  Louisville, KY

What kind of comic is Keith?  Well, he’s the guy you want to sit next to at a boring meeting.  He’s clever, insightful, and a little bit eye-opening.  His comedy is truth with a twist. Indianapolis’ NUVO said, “Keith McGill has a style that is smooth and temperate, and lacks any gaudy gimmicks or catch phrases, making him one of the best standup acts within earshot… His material is positive and PG-13, yet still intelligently critical of the comical absurdities [of life]…The Louisville native is impossible not to like.” As well as being popular internationally on Royal Caribbean Cruises, Keith has appeared on BET and CMT, and is a Bob and Tom Show favorite, as well as a much sought-after entertainer for corporate events.. A sample of his comedy:

“The economy is getting better, but the media isn’t saying very much about it.  They like it when the news is bad.  When the stocks were dropping, that was all they could talk about. ‘Oh, my God, your stocks are going down!  Watch your stocks! Watch your stocks!’  I was like, I should be watching my stocks.  Then I realized—I don’t have any stocks!  I was broke when the meltdown started; I’ll be broke when it’s over.  My portfolio is stable. I’m not waiting for my 401(K) to come back—I don’t have one. My 401(K) is a Powerball ticket.  My retirement plan is a slippery floor at WalMart. I got nothing.”

Keith has appeared on The Bob and Tom Show and BET’s Comic View and has performed in many venues including cruise ships for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and his unique brand of humor has been well received

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