Producer Spotlite: Hoots And Hellmouth


Who:  Hoots and Hellmouth

What:  Roots/Soul Band

Where: Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia’s Hoots & Hellmouth blend the twisted roots of American music in a fierce and fiery alchemy. Soulful three-part harmonies comingle with stringed things and foot stomps to build a synergy that bursts from both stage and speaker with aural aplomb. It’s city and country. It’s rock and soul. It’s bleeding, sweating, crying, rejoicing…It’s alive! Ask anyone who’s seen them perform, from Portland, ME to Portland, OR, and they’ll tell you the same.

Five years, eight bassists and two full-length albums into its career (2007’s “Self-Titled” and 2009’s “The Holy Open Secret”), the band continually seeks to evolve. New songs, new sounds, new members…changes keep things fresh and vibrant. To that end, 2011 promises to produce quite a harvest for Hoots & Hellmouth. New songs under construction are available to fans via the band’s “Window In The Woodshed” blog, and studio versions of those songs and more will be released independently throughout the year.

One thing that won’t change any time soon is the band’s love of the road. Touring relentlessly both on their own and with friends (Dr. Dog, O’Death, Heartless Bastards, Langhorne Slim, Grace Potter, etc.), the band performs in all manner of venues. From rock clubs to folk festivals, they tour consistently and persistently, including triumphant stops at Wakarusa, the Philadelphia Folk Festival, thousands of dive bars and more than a few farms in between.

Hoots & Hellmouth see every show as an opportunity to help strengthen a sense of local community among their audiences. More than just a product, this music is at once a celebration and a mourning – championing the human potential to feel deeply and come together as a unified whole, while bemoaning the fact that much in modern life seems to work against just that. It’s a catharsis for damaged 21st Century humans and their environs. It’s new music for old souls.

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Press: Gyroskope Featured on CNN Tech/Fortune

CNN Tech/Fortune recently wrote a feature article about entitled ‘Online Video Saved The Radio Star’ that su 

Excerpts from the article:

FORTUNE — In a world of downloads and streams, making money as a musician is not easy. The days when getting one popular song onto Billboard’s Top 10 chart brought money, fame and gaggles of adoring fans are long gone. So what’s a struggling artist to do?

Gyroskope, a Louisville, Kentucky-based company, has come up with a way for musicians to cash in on the video side of the business. The company provides a platform for an artist to upload videos of live concert performances, studio recording sessions and other behind-the-scenes exploits that diehard fans can view — for a price.

Here’s how it works. Videos are uploaded to a social platform, and the artists set their own prices for how much they want to charge. The videos, which are streamed from the cloud, can be viewed in a web browser as well as on iPhones, iPads and Android phones. Artists keeps 100% of the revenue.

Robert Berliner, a mandolin player for the folk/rock band Hoots & Hellmouth, has been using Gyroskope to share and sell live concert videos to fans. “If they live on the other side of the country or they can’t make it out and they haven’t seen you in a long time, fans will gladly pay $5 for the opportunity to watch an entire long-form video,” he says. He adds that fans respect the fact that the money is going directly to the band rather than to a label or other third party. Berliner says he doesn’t mind giving away his music for free if it wins over lifelong fans who buy shirts, videos and tickets to his shows.

Still, as more and more artists opt to leave major labels to go it alone, clients seeking Gyroskope’s services could surge. “The future is unwritten,” says Crush Management’s (Train, Panic! At The Disco, Fallout Boy, etc) Jonathan Daniel. “There is a potential in the future where every artist is independent and if they are fully independent, this might be a way for people do it.”

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