Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy on NPR

NPR called Gyroskope producer Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy “one of the most celebrated singer-songwriters in the country” last week in a very interesting radio interview.  Interview topics included Zach Galifianakas, R. Kelly and Jackass 3D.  Will also plays a game called The World’s Oldest Virgin about 50’s singer Doris Day.  I won’t spoil the interview for you, but Will does explain that R. Kelly is one of his musical heroes and goes on to interpret some R. Kelly lyrics for the folks at NPR…

NPR: For example, here are some lyrics from an R. Kelly song, and I want you to interpret them for us, as a fellow artist.
OLDHAM: All right.
NPR: Like Jurassic Park, I’m your Sexasaurus, baby.
NPR: So….
NPR: What’s your interpretation of that lyric, Will Oldham?
OLDHAM: We’re born under the same star sign and he has another great line in a song where he says “inside of your walls there will dwell a Capricorn.” And it’s the same kind of idea. He finds places to put animals.

Full Article:


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