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Gyroskope News & Updates for the week of July 23, 2012!

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Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy on NPR

NPR called Gyroskope producer Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy “one of the most celebrated singer-songwriters in the country” last week in a very interesting radio interview.  Interview topics included Zach Galifianakas, R. Kelly and Jackass 3D.  Will also plays a game called The World’s Oldest Virgin about 50’s singer Doris Day.  I won’t spoil the interview for you, but Will does explain that R. Kelly is one of his musical heroes and goes on to interpret some R. Kelly lyrics for the folks at NPR…

NPR: For example, here are some lyrics from an R. Kelly song, and I want you to interpret them for us, as a fellow artist.
OLDHAM: All right.
NPR: Like Jurassic Park, I’m your Sexasaurus, baby.
NPR: So….
NPR: What’s your interpretation of that lyric, Will Oldham?
OLDHAM: We’re born under the same star sign and he has another great line in a song where he says “inside of your walls there will dwell a Capricorn.” And it’s the same kind of idea. He finds places to put animals.

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Direct-To-Fan: A Future-Proof Model

The classic model of the music business was based around the power of the pipeline (distribution); i.e., whoever owned the pipes made the money.

Exploitation of pipeline control drove up prices and frustration on the part of the fans.  Fans paid, labels made money, artists came last.  Arrogance and complacency of the ruling class set the stage for the digital revolution.

After the revolution and into the file-sharing/ p2p era, power shifted to the fans.  So now, music was free, labels got screwed, and fans were vindicated; but the artist still came last.

The only sustainable model for the music business is one in which the artists eat first, since they are the source of the content stream.  Fans, once intoxicated with free music, are beginning to realize that it is their responsibility to replenish the stream.

A new model is built around direct-to-fan transactional relationships, where artists can make a fair profit for their work.  What will this infrastructure look like?

Gyroskope Press: Billboard


Billboard Magazine recently featured Gyroskope in an article, Live, From The Living Roomfocusing on online video platforms complimenting live concerts like never before.

Billboard’s Glenn Peoples writes, “Music fans will undoubtedly continue to attend concerts, but online performances could become common events because they require so little investment from consumers. There is no travel time to the venue, no parking fees, no babysitter arrangements and no hassle getting home late. People can watch from the comfort of their homes or offices on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. And watching from anywhere is a blessing for a fan who lives in a rarely visited, tertiary touring market.”

Gyroskope Producer, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, is taking this idea to heart. With hundreds of thousands of fans scattered around the world, Bonnie “Prince” Billy recorded a 2011 concert in Chicago’s Millennium Park in high definition audio and video, then posted the concert to for fans to enjoy. Fans who could not attend the concert, as well as those who were there in the crowd but want to re-live it have purchased the video and watched from the comforts of their own home.

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