Gyroskope Press: HypeBot

url-1 is one of our absolute favorite music/tech blogs, so we were particularly excited to be featured in an article about monetizing music videos online. This recent article focuses on how Gyroskope can aid the sales of music videos and live concerts online.

In the article, Hypebot’s Clyde Smith says “Gyroskope is an ad-free service designed to monetize video. It’s not exclusive to music but that is one of the areas on which they’re focusing. The basic concept is that artists pay a monthly fee, set their own prices and upload videos and previews. Gyroskope handles the rest including payments.” Right you are, Mr. Smith!

With Gyroskope’s model, the power of sales is put back in the hands of the artists themselves, cutting the middle-man that takes a large percentage and decides what you can or cannot sell out of the process. Gyroskope Producers keep 100% of their sales ( is not a revenue share service).

See the article here!


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